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Voith Paper technology will participate in the 2007 Beijing Paper Exhibition

one of the largest equipment suppliers of the global paper industry. Voith Paper Technology (Friedrich Mohs proposed to use 10 minerals to measure the hardest and softest object countries in the world) Co., Ltd. announced that it will participate in the 15th China international pulp, paper and forestry exhibition and conference held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from September 18 to 20, 2007. The theme of this exhibition is papermaking pioneer, lifelong partner, focusing on the art of becoming a landmark of the city. 3. Do a good job in debugging software and don't change products casually. Voith papermaking will show its outstanding achievements in the papermaking industry for more than 140 years in many ways, such as pictures, models, audio-visual and technical information manuals, as well as one-stop solutions and services for the whole papermaking process system of customers

the China international pulp and paper and forestry exhibition and conference are held every two years. Because the exhibition can timely introduce the new technologies and equipment of pulp and paper industry in the world to the domestic paper industry, it has become a traditional professional exhibition of the domestic and foreign paper industry, and has a wide and profound impact on the paper industry. This is also one of the reasons why voith paper decided to participate in this exhibition with a strong lineup. Voith booth is located in hall 3, booth 3225. It is reported that Voith will also hold a one-day technical seminar during the exhibition, aiming to introduce and exchange all-round technologies to customers and potential customers, including the latest paper machines, pulping systems, after-sales services, rollers and fabrics. Voith headquarters will also send a strong technical advisory team to provide on-site answers

about Voith Paper

Voith Paper technology is the largest business unit of Voith group, with business volume accounting for 52% of the group's total, and is one of the largest equipment suppliers in the global paper industry. One out of every three sheets of paper in the world is produced by Voith Paper machine. Voith paper provides first-class equipment, technology and services for the whole papermaking process, and can provide customers with overall solutions. Voith group is committed to the paper, energy, drive and service markets. Founded on January 1st, 1867, Voith is now one of the largest family businesses in Europe, with 34000 employees, 3.7 billion euros in performance, and 250 branches all over the world

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