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Voith group released a bright financial report in 2011, with sales in China exceeding 1billion euros

orders and sales in fiscal 2011 reached a new high, with new orders soaring by 20%

it is expected to achieve further growth in 2012

China's sales exceeded 1billion euros, accounting for 18% of the world

optimistic about the Chinese market, Investment in China will increase by 250million euros in the next five years

the sales and new orders of the four business departments have increased, and their market position has been greatly enhanced

Voith group, the world's leading technology and industrial service provider, recently released its 2011 financial report. As of September 30, 2011, the financial report showed that due to the rapid growth of emerging markets such as China and the need to prove the material's initiative through the construction of actual parts and flight experiments, Voith's new orders worldwide surged by 20% to 6.4 billion euros. Sales reached 5.6 billion euros, an increase of 8%, exceeding the growth rate of the previous fiscal year. Among them, China's sales reached 1billion euros, accounting for 18% of global sales, which is close to Germany's contribution to Voith's global sales

Founded in 1867, Voith is one of the largest family businesses in Europe, with four business units, namely Voith hydropower, Voith Industrial Services, Voith Paper and Voith drive technology, with businesses all over the world. Voith is one of the largest multinational companies with the fastest business growth in China. Over the past five years, Voith's average annual growth rate in China has been close to 30%

Dr. Hubert Lienhard, President and CEO of Voith group, said that China will become the world's largest economy in the future. Driven by the steady growth of China's infrastructure investment, Voith's business in China will continue to grow at a high speed

Dr. linhand said: the bright figures in Voith's 2011 financial report fully prove that our long-term strategy based on sustainable development and profit growth is correct. In particular, compared with the sales growth, our profit growth is more rapid. We have proved once again that even in a challenging environment, Voith's unique advantages, such as a balanced portfolio, deep cultivation in the international market and strong innovation ability, can still help us achieve rapid business growth

in order to support the rapid growth of its business in China, Voith will increase its investment in China by 250million euros in the next five years. Since it officially entered the Chinese market in 1994, Voith's total investment in China has reached 271million euros

globally, the sales and new orders of Voith's four business departments increased in FY2011, and its market position was greatly enhanced

as one of the world's leading suppliers of hydropower equipment, Voith Hydro's sales increased by 6% to 1.2 billion euros in fiscal 2011. Voith's hydropower business grew particularly rapidly in key markets such as South America, NAFTA and China. Global total orders increased by 81% to 1.8 billion euros. As of September 30, 2011, the total number of orders held amounted to 3.3 billion euros

Voith Industrial services mainly provides services for important industries such as automobile, energy, chemical industry and so on. In FY2011, Voith's industrial services division increased its sales to 1 billion euros

as the world's leading paper machine manufacturer, Voith Paper's sales increased to 1.8 billion euros. Based on the growth of paper and paperboard production worldwide, Voith Paper is optimistic about future development opportunities. In the field of toilet paper and tissue, Voith Paper returned to the leading position in this strong growth market with the help of innovative atmos technology. The order situation is still strengthened and the top-level design is optimistic: voith paper has obtained a new business worth 2billion euros

as a driving technology expert, Voith turbo 201 should timely settle some residues left after the test. In fiscal year 1, the sales increased by 13% to 1.5 billion euros, and the new orders increased by 16% to 1.6 billion euros

although the world economy faces many uncertainties, Voith is still confident to achieve healthy growth in revenue and profits in the new fiscal year

about Voith group

Voith group is a leading global technology and industrial service provider, providing a wide range of products and technical services to customers in five key market areas worldwide, including energy, fuel and gas, papermaking, raw materials, transportation and driving equipment. Headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany, the company has four business units, namely Voith hydropower, Voith Industrial Services, Voith Paper and Voith drive technology

a large part of the world's paper products are produced by Voith Paper Machines, and a quarter of the world's hydropower is generated by Voith's hydropower equipment. Voith's driving equipment is spread all over the world's industrial plants, and is used in the fields of roads, railway vehicles and marine ships. Many large companies rely on the technical support provided by Voith's industrial services

Founded in 1867, Voith group is one of the largest family businesses in Europe. In 2011, the annual sales volume of the company was nearly 5.6 billion euros, with more than 40000 employees worldwide and branches in more than 50 countries and regions

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