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Voith: excellent technology of nanopearl and terragloss improves the performance of the paper machine

news from myllykoski utzenstorf factory in Switzerland: since the end of 2008, terragloss and nanopearls were used on the soft calender of the No. 2 paper machine in the factory, the operation performance of the paper machine has been significantly improved. No.2 paper machine is the latest paper machine of Lisa paper factory. Nanopear is used to make its atoms get a certain energy. The calendering roller with LS coating has reached 13 weeks of operation time in the first pressing zone. In addition, the hard calendering roller using terragloss thermal spraying technology significantly reduces the line pressure and improves the difference between the two sides of the paper

according to the description of factory production technology expert Markus br tting: after using terragloss thermal spraying technology on the roller, the linear pressure of the pressing area can be reduced from 240kn/m to 185kn/m (this value is the measured value relative to the concentration trend), and the calendering effect of the first pressing area has also been optimized, which will greatly reduce the difference between the two sides of the paper. We are very happy that the failure of te mechanical parts can be combined with rragloss and nanopearls technology, and we can also see the reduction of waste paper produced in the calendering process. Under the same quality characteristics, the target value of 225k increase to double digits n/m and 120 C can be achieved. In addition, lower power, line pressure and steam consumption have contributed to energy conservation. The reduction of steam consumption is mainly due to the temperature entering the hot roll decreasing by 20 C

the new nanopearl rubber coating series adopts a filler system, which has a unique particle size distribution and uniformity. The average size of particles is between nanometers, which is a breakthrough in the industrial application of nanotechnology. This new technology is the key to improve the mechanical and thermal properties of rubber coating

terragloss is the latest thermal spraying technology of hard calendering roller. A large number of field applications show that terragloss spraying structure can increase the service life, even double the original service life, and reduce the line pressure and heating power. This will save 30% of energy consumption

due to the innovative high kinetic energy HVOF spraying method, we have successfully applied innovative hard materials to terragloss thermal spraying technology, which is extremely resistant to chemical and mechanical actions. Improving the energy utilization efficiency of plastic granulator process and preventing environmental pollution are complementary. Therefore, the sprayed layer is very wear-resistant

carbon fiber scraper can be used on terragloss sprayed surface without wearing the sprayed layer. In order to better achieve the use effect of scraper, we have developed a special skytopt scraper. This product can keep the roller surface clean and bright for a longer time. Terragloss thermal spraying technology can bring better operation performance to high-end multi zone calenders and ordinary calenders used in the production of cultural paper, paperboard and packaging paper

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