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Voith: the paper machine of technocell paper mill in Russia is started.

the #5 decorative paper machine of Penza in Russia was successfully started up in March 2009. It produces high-grade decorative paper with a ration of 50~100 g/m2, a width of 2300 mm, a design production speed of 800 m/min, and an annual output of 30000 tons

Voith provided it with Masterjet f/b headbox (this headbox adopts dilution water technology, which can achieve the maximum injection accuracy under the lowest banner deviation) and Duoshake chest. From imitation to self renovation, it has always been an unconventional development process roll shaker to ensure the best uniformity value. Special engineering plastic fingers have higher comprehensive performance, and the long-term use temperature is above 150 ℃

in addition, Voith Paper provided its flow system with twinflow double disc refiner, ecomizer centrifugal slag remover and multiscreen MSA and MSS screening equipment with C-BAR screen basket, and provided a full set of technical support, installation supervision and startup

for this project, Voith Paper made many complex technical tests in advance to ensure the smooth start-up

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