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Voith set another important milestone in the Asia Pacific large hydropower Service Project

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on September 12, 2019, the overhaul team of unit 3 of Yeywa hydropower station of Myanmar Ministry of power and energy power generation group (hereinafter referred to as EPGE) and the project team of Shanghai Voith Hydropower Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Voith hydropower) gathered at Yeywa hydropower station. Both sides witnessed and celebrated the smooth operation of unit 3 of the power station after the overhaul, and the whole project was completed 5 days ahead of schedule

yeywa hydropower station is subordinate to Myanmar national power company, located about 60 kilometers southeast of Mandalay (the second largest city in Myanmar), with a total installed capacity of 800MW. Voith provided it with four Francis turbine units with a unit capacity of 200MW and automation system. Since the power station was put into operation in 2011, the unit has operated in good condition and won the recognition of customers

in December 2018, based on the good cooperation in the early stage, both parties signed the overhaul service contract of unit 3. At the end of June 2019, the overhaul service was officially launched

since this is the first time that EPGE group and Yeywa hydropower station have overhauled large units, the owner 7. The main way for the public to put forward their opinions expressed some concerns about the smooth implementation of the project. In order to completely dispel the concerns of the owner, Voith formulated a detailed project plan, held a total of five project liaison meetings in Myanmar, and carried out detailed project disclosure, document verification, project training, preparation inventory, and the development of project management tools. With rich experience and exquisite skills in large unit overhaul, Voith strictly controls every project node and orderly promotes the smooth progress of the project

after the overhaul, it was found that the soft connection of the damping ring was damaged to varying degrees when the rotor was lifted out, and the replacement of this part was not included in the service contract. In order to ensure the maintenance progress, Voith decided to provide customers with a batch of spare parts free of charge. Due to the origin of the spare parts in Brazil and the long import cycle, Voith's technical expert team finally decided to adopt the structure applied to super large units such as Longkaikou and Xiluodu as an alternative through careful evaluation, which successfully met the window period of only three weeks from rotor lifting to reinstallation

in order to ensure the repair of the thrust head, which is the core of this overhaul, Voith specially changed the thrust head originally scheduled to be repaired in Yunnan to be repaired in its own factory in Shanghai. Although this will increase additional costs, it can effectively ensure the performance of the unit and reduce key risks. In order to make the thrust head smoothly go back and forth between Myanmar and Shanghai factories for maintenance, Voith has made very careful preparations to ensure the efficient operation of a series of processes such as transshipment, customs declaration, customs clearance and transportation. After the thrust head returned to the workshop, it was first arranged on the machine tool, and the process engineer also tracked the processing situation throughout the process, ensuring the smooth return of the thrust head to the factory for maintenance. All these laid a good foundation for the completion of overhaul services in advance

after the unit is reinstalled, the start-up test is carried out, and each operation index performs excellent. When the project team handed over the work to the customer, it was found that the governor could not work normally, and the commissioning of the governor was outside the scope of this unit overhaul. Nevertheless, in line with the service concept of "the most trusted partner of customers", Voith did not stay out of the matter, but took up the important task of governor test. Through the investigation of each problem one by one and full communication with the governor manufacturer, the successful operation of the governor is finally ensured, and the smooth and power generation of the unit is realized

"the customer asks us to maintain the unit, hoping that we can finally deliver a power station that can operate normally. Even if the cause of the failure is beyond the scope of our contract services, we also hope to do our best to help the customer and finally achieve the project objectives." This is the common idea of Gu Qiansheng, the project manager of Yeywa overhaul of haivoith hydropower, and Li Qiugen, the field service manager with the rapid development of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry

to meet our own needs and even the needs of the world, Voith has always maintained active and professional communication with us, defined technical solutions, built project resources, provided parts and tools, and performed on-site supervision. Their positive attitude and behavior combined with exquisite professional skills have laid a solid foundation for the success of the project. On behalf of EPGE, I would like to thank Shanghai Voith hydropower company and its project team for their efforts for the project, and highly appreciate the good performance and final results of the project implementation

-- than Naing OO (general manager of EPGE)

as a supplier of the whole line, Voith hydropower has rich professional knowledge and experience in all links of the hydropower station, and provides customers with a series of services such as training, maintenance, spare parts service and modernization of the power station. With the successful completion of the overhaul project of unit 3 of Yeywa power station, Voith has set another important milestone in the major hydropower Service Project in the Asia Pacific region. In the future, Voith will continue to adhere to the concept of "becoming a reliable business partner for customers" and continue to provide attentive and professional services for hydropower customers in the Asia Pacific region

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