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Voith paper has developed new sensors to enhance the performance of the paper machine

voith paper has developed new types of paper break detection and new sensors for detecting the uniformity of multilayer board paper. The application of these new technologies has enhanced the operation performance of the paper machine

onc webdetect paper break detection

R & D onc web restructuring after detect paper break detection in July 1992, voith paper solved the problem of low contrast between paper and dry color during detection, as well as the problem of false detection on transparent paper. The measurement principle of the sensor is based on the spectral analysis of the special optical properties of the paper web and dry

before the official launch of this product, we conducted a comprehensive test of the system under production conditions and achieved very ideal results

onv flocspotter evenness sensor

voith paper has developed a new evenness sensor, onv flocspotter, which can directly measure the evenness of the part. Evenness is very important to the quality of paper in the papermaking process. It directly affects the uniformity of paper structure

for multilayer board machines, the evenness sensor can independently check the evenness of each layer of paper before they are combined. At the same time, with the uniformity sensor, the paper producer can control the paper forming process to the greatest extent, get the necessary information in the production process, and intervene and adjust the problems in the paper as soon as possible

onv flocspotter has obvious advantages: with the improvement of paperboard uniformity, the forming and printing properties are also improved, so the product quality is improved. In addition, onv flocspotter can set the limit of uniformity to a specified quality measurement standard. As long as the evenness is maintained within the specified range, the plastic master batch operator can change the setting of the paper machine. In this way, raw materials, chemicals and energy consumption can be reduced

in addition to ensuring the production of high-quality paperboard and packaging paper, onv flocspotter can also be used in the Department of cultural paper to accelerate the response to pulp fluctuations or changes in processing parameters

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