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Voith helps the construction of South Korea's high-speed railway network

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● the first five new trains that will be confiscated will be equipped with Voith products

● Voith continues to help the upgrading and development of South Korea's high-speed railway network

at the beginning of this year, South Korea's first independently developed new high-speed train, "ktx-emu", qingliangli Anton section, was officially opened to traffic. This type of train is a power decentralized multiple unit, and its carbon dioxide emission is only 70% of that of ordinary trains

The ktx-emu high-speed train is manufactured by Hyundai ROTEM group and operated by KORAIL. This type of train adopts the marshalling form of four motor vehicles and two trailers, with trailers with cabs at both ends and four power cars in the middle. The total length of the train is 150.5 meters, the fixed number of passengers is 381, the design maximum speed is 286 km/h, and the operation speed is 260 km/h. In addition to the first five trains put into operation at the beginning of this year, it is expected that by 2022, a total of 19 trains will be put into commercial operation

the first five ktx-emu high-speed trains put into operation are equipped with core components such as front-end modules, gear boxes and couplers produced by Voith. Among them, the front-end module is specially designed by Voith for this type of train, and is driven by Voith to be produced in the factory located in Shanghai, China. This type of product adopts new composite materials, conforms to the principle of aerodynamics and can meet the requirements of the most stringent local fire protection standards. According to the local operation situation in South Korea, the design of the gearbox has improved the labyrinth sealing device and adopted the alloy shell to reduce the weight of the box. With its classic design and proven reliability, Voith shafenberg coupler has become the first choice for ktx-emu high-speed trains because its sliding body and film should be freely suspended

on the day of official operation, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said: "by 2025, 70 trillion South Korean (about 400billion yuan) boards and cards will be invested. Once damaged, they can only be purchased again, so as to further accelerate the speed of railway undertakings in high-speed railways, trunk railways, large cities and wide area cities, connect major cities in South Korea within 2 hours through these projects, and shorten the commuting time in the capital region to less than 30 minutes."

with rich design and R & D experience, reliable product quality and professional and timely sales service support, Voith has provided a variety of core products including front-end modules, gearboxes, couplers, lateral buffers and so on for high-speed railway projects in South Korea. In the future, Voith will, as always, work with its global partners to jointly promote the rail transit industry to move towards digitalization, intelligence and decarbonization

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