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With the improvement of national economy and the development of printing and packaging industry, people require the packaging of products to be high-grade, exquisite, environmentally friendly and personalized. In the post press processing of packaging products, hot stamping process is loved by people because of its unique surface finishing effect. It is applied in high-end packaging such as banknotes, cigarette labels, drugs, cosmetics and so on. Bronzing has two main functions: one is surface decoration to improve the added value of products. Loving festivity and resplendence is China's national tradition. Bronzing and embossing are combined to show their splendor; Second, the product is endowed with high anti-counterfeiting performance, and holographic positioning and hot stamping trademark identification are adopted to prevent counterfeiting and protect the famous brand. At the same time, bronzing can show the personalization of product packaging and is safe and environmentally friendly. Therefore, many high-end packaging have adopted the bronzing process

1, bronzing principle: after a certain temperature and pressure, the color foil instantly attaches the pattern and text of the version to the plastic surface

2, the necessary conditions for bronzing: 1. Temperature 2. Air pressure 3. Color foil 4. Bronzing version

3. Bronzing version:

high quality bronzing version is the primary factor to ensure the quality of bronzing. At present, the production of bronzing plate mainly adopts photographic corrosion process and electronic engraving technology, and the materials are usually copper plate or zinc plate. Copper plate material is fine, and the surface smoothness and heat transfer effect are better than zinc plate. The use of high-quality copper plate can improve the gloss of bronzing graphics and texts. Amway material is expected to "appear" and outline clarity in the volleyball match of 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. The traditional photographic etching technology is simple and low-cost, which is mainly used for text, thick lines and general images; For fine, uneven thickness bronzing plates, it is necessary to use secondary deep burn or electric carving technology. Making bronzing plate by electric carving can show rich and delicate level changes, which greatly expands the performance ability of packaging. This process is conducive to environmental protection, but the investment of electric carving equipment is large, and the depth of carving is not ideal at present, which is easy to cause bronzing "paste plate". Holographic anti-counterfeiting bronzing plates have high technical requirements. Previously, they were mainly made in Taiwan or abroad. The plate making cycle is long, and they are only used for the packaging of fixed and large batch products

at present, there are several units in Shanxi Yuncheng, Beijing and Shanghai that can produce. The bronzing plate is mainly made of the following materials:

(1). Silicone plate (rubber wheel): suitable for general plastic shell, with a thickness of 1.5mm and a suitable temperature of 180 ℃ -380 ℃

(2). Copper plate: suitable for a large number of deep bronzing, durable. Temperature 120 ℃ -180 ℃

(3). Zinc plate: not resistant to high temperature and high pressure, suitable for temperature, but it is not widely used like inorganic filler. 120 ℃ -150 ℃

(4). Steel plate: not used

(5). Magnesium alloy plate: not used

4, color foil:

(1) thickness of color foil: the thickness of color foil is 6u-35u, and factories generally use 12U color for less ironing The color foil is thick, and the font is pasted, thin and clear

(2) color foil is divided into five layers: PE film, release agent, color coating, adhesive, adhesion agent

(3) classification of color foil:

A. general purpose: generally used for ABS, PVC, PS, PC

B. special type (PP color foil): generally used for PP, PE

C. common type: ABS, PP applicable (this foil has good temperature resistance)

with the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industry, the application of electrochemical aluminum stamping is more and more widely. Such as: book cover bronzing, gift box bronzing, cigarette, wine, clothing trademarks and box bronzing, greeting card, invitation card, pen bronzing, etc., with many colors and patterns, you can also customize a special edition according to specific requirements. The substrates for hot stamping include what researchers call paper, ink printing paper such as gold and silver ink, plastic (PK, PP, PVC, engineering plastics such as ABS, etc.), leather, wood and other special materials

anodized hot stamping foil mainly uses heating and pressurization to transfer patterns or words to the surface of the hot stamping material. To complete this process, we need a hot stamping machine and templates (such as zinc plate, copper plate, etc.) with special words or patterns, which are heated to the required temperature, transfer the required pressure and maintain the corresponding elbow. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, you should choose the appropriate model of electrochemical aluminum, and choose the appropriate temperature, pressure, hot stamping time, in order to achieve the ideal hot stamping effect

5, hot stamping equipment:

the hot stamping workshop currently has six station machines, eight station machines, flat ironing machines, circular ironing machines, special-shaped machines, scalding machines, double round machines

six station machines: all kinds of round surfaces, irregular whole surfaces, lines, transfer printing, etc

eight station machine: all kinds of round surface finishing, line ironing and transfer printing

flat ironing machine: used for ironing and decorating flat products

round ironing machine: used for ironing fonts and edge lines on round surfaces

Profiler: the whole face and line ironing of various irregular products

scalding machine: used for each 2. After the steel ball falls, it may jump out of the box. Attention must be paid to the safety of the ironing of flat products

double round machine: used for round products

the selection of bronzing equipment is the key factor to determine the quality of bronzing. There are three types of sheet fed bronzing machines: flat pressing, round pressing and round pressing. At present, the flat pressing machine is the most widely used, mainly including: tym series die-cutting and bronzing dual-purpose machine of Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., tyml020 automatic bronzing and die-cutting machine of Tangshan Yuyin group, and MK series automatic bronzing and die-cutting machine of Tianjin Youheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. with a maximum bronzing speed of 5000 sheets/hour. German Steuer folljet fbrl04 bronzing machine is a representative of round pressing. Using the design concept of offset printing machine, the maximum hot stamping speed can reach 10000 sheets/hour. At present, it is the fastest single sheet bronzing equipment in the world. The three stamping methods of round pressing, round pressing and flat pressing have their own advantages and disadvantages: the implementation of round pressing and round pressing hot stamping is linear pressure, and the total pressure is small. It can easily complete large-area field bronzing with relatively small pressure, and the movement is stable. Moreover, the production efficiency of round pressing is high, which is especially suitable for bronzing large quantities of live parts. However, due to the difficulty of processing the circular surface of copper plate, the production cost is high, and the heating roller is also more difficult than plane heating. The flattening operation is flexible and convenient, which is more suitable for short version products. Compared with imported bronzing equipment, domestic bronzing equipment has obvious advantages in performance and price. The price of domestic machine is only equivalent to 1/5 ~ 1/4 of the price of similar foreign products, but the overprint accuracy, stability and function of imported machine are significantly better than domestic machine, and it is also more durable than domestic machine, which is more suitable for the processing of fixed batch high-end packaging products. Therefore, the type and batch of products are the key to the selection of bronzing equipment. Whether to have high-grade bronzing and die-cutting equipment such as Bobst has become the preferred condition for customers in the industry

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