The brightest street lamp can sense people coming

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"Smart streetlights" can sense people coming and going

a new generation of technologies represented by big data, artificial intelligence, 5g communication, etc. are not only changing people's production and lifestyle, but also changing the urban planning, design, operation and management mode. It was learned from the "2019 International Smart City Industry Summit Forum" held yesterday that in the future, more and more "black technologies" will make urban infrastructure, building materials and transportation more intelligent and energy-saving

the forum was jointly organized by Southeast University Alumni Association, Nanjing Alumni Association, civil transportation branch of Alumni Association and Dongda Smart City Research Institute. A vertical display screen in front of the forum was surrounded by many participants. As the participants stood in front of the screen, the camera took a picture with the background of the forum, accompanied by a paragraph of the introduction text of the forum, took out and scanned the QR code under the text. In one second, a "" link with pictures and texts that can be shared to the circle of friends jumped out. "We call it 'the fastest headline'." Yandong, chairman of Nanjing hydrogen space, introduced that this device, called "cloud screen network", can be used in conferences, forums, shopping malls, parks, scientific research parks and other scenes, and the biggest highlight is "interactivity"

Nanhe can carry out uniaxial compressive strength test, Brazilian splitting test and shear test. Jinggransbero Technology Co., Ltd. brings an intelligent lighting system. Huopengfei, the investment director of Dongda capital, the investor, introduced that the light of their system is "gradual" and "insensitive" in the process of switching on and off, making people's experience more comfortable. This technology sounds very simple, but it's not easy. Each light needs to give an indication to the next light. The difficulty of the technology is communication. They installed a communication module in the bulb. After testing, large venues and shopping malls using this system can save 70% - 80% electricity than ordinary LED lamps, because plastic needs high temperature

what's new is the promotion method of the lighting system. "We can install it for free, and the revenue comes from half of the electricity saved by each other every year." Huopengfei said that from the perspective of the current promotion effect, many units are very surprised, because the cost of the lighting system is far lower than the saved electricity cost. "Many places in Nanjing and Changzhou have used this system. The company established the technical specification for welding of building steel structures JGJ 81 ⑵ 002 last April. The output value of this year has reached 20million, and it can reach 50million next year."

Professor Yang Junyan from the Department of urban planning, School of architecture, Southeast University, brought the keynote report of "exploration of urban 3D intelligent platform based on digital technology". He explained that 3D urban design is not only a change from simple 2D drawings to 3D design, but also pays more attention to people. "The traditional planning and layout of green space is to see things but not people. Now that we have multi-source heterogeneous big data, we can truly understand how all urban park green space is used by citizens at the high-precision level, what their needs are, and which groups of people are using it. Then we can carry out the design and layout of green space to truly be people-oriented." To measure the coefficient of material rigidity, Yang Junyan said that at present, Nanjing, Changzhou, Gaoyou and other cities have adopted the insights and analysis results of multi-source heterogeneous big data to promote urban planning and construction

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